Artist's Statement

This work is about layers of meaning, layers of emotion, layers of darkness and light. Most of the times my paintings are built on the complex noise of crumbling pages from old books and the stories they once were. Now just visual noise, these words are from another time. They no longer have validity, but still provide the literary foundation that our society was built on, and subsequently the aesthetic foundation from which my paintings are made. 

From there the smoky haze of ink is applied. Bold brushstrokes, layer upon layer, dark to darker, drawing the viewer in, then morphing into an ideogram or a type of calligraphic abstraction. 

Ultimately, these paintings are about understanding that meaning and clarity are not always lost in the depth of darkness. These things exist, hiding in the shadows waiting for discovery.

About Aaron Johnson

Aaron Johnson's studio is dedicated to the simple mission of creating beautiful objects. As a third-generation New Mexican, Johnson has always drawn inspiration from the stark beauty of the canyonlands, mountains and deserts of the Southwest.

Educated at the University of New Mexico and Arizona State University, Johnson holds a degree in architecture and a graduate degree in industrial design. In his career as a creative he has applied his simple, elegant sense of style to award-winning projects in many fields. These include fine art, architecture, furniture, lighting, styling for print and exhibit, and tabletop products.


Allan Knight and Associates
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